Wellness Plans

 Every pet has predictable requirements that are essential for maintaining good health. The owner provides love, shelter, grooming, feeding and so forth.  The veterinary hospital partners with the owner to provide both preventive medicine and care for any illnesses or injuries. Wellness plans are arrangements between the owner and the veterinary hospital to make sure that the best possible preventive care is given to each pet.

Preventive care includes immunizations against disease, parasite control (intestinal worms, heartworms, fleas, ticks, ear mites, etc.), hygiene, nutrition, dentistry, and so forth.  Providing these services enable the pet to have a longer, healthier life and to be a more pleasant member of the family.

What wellness plans are:  Wellness plans offer pet owners the security of knowing that they are providing the best care possible for the four legged family members that depend on them. These plans offer the veterinarians and staff the satisfaction of doing their best, too, for your pets.

The services offered at Floral City Veterinary Hospital are discounted for wellness plan members. The costs are made even more affordable by spreading out the payments over twelve months. This is a real win-win situation because what helps the pet owners helps us, too. Instead of postponing routine services because of financial considerations, we can schedule around the pet's needs and at times that are convenient for the humans involved.

What wellness plans are not:  Wellness plans should not be confused with pet insurance. Pet insurance covers care for illness and injuries. Wellness plans do not (although they may prevent many problems).