Dr. Marilyn Tobey

Serving Floral City, Inverness, Bushnell and Brooksville . . .

Floral City Veterinary Hospital is the practice of Dr. Marilyn Tobey, a full service veterinary hospital that cares for dogs and cats from birth through old age. We offer high quality conventional medical and surgical services within a holistic framework and strive to address the unique concerns of each individual pet owner/family. Our goal is to provide the same excellent care, compassion, comfort, and love to your animal companions as we do for our own. 

This website will introduce you to our staff, services, and general information as well as provide news items and useful links to other informational sources. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We would welcome any comments or suggestions. Please contact us at 352-726-7388 for all your pets' health care needs . 


Our Professional Services

On-Line Pharmacy


  •  Visit our On-Line Pharmacy for:
    Home Delivery
    Competitive Pricing
  •  Automatic Refills
  •     Heartworm Preventive 
  •     Flea Treatments
  •     Special Diets
  •     Medication

Wellness Plans


 Wellness plans allow members to pay a small monthly fee for the basic elements of good health care.

  •     Vaccinations 
  •     Parasite control
  •     Flea Treatment
  •     Heartworm Test
  •    Annual Exam

Laser Therapy



Used to relieve pain and inflammation, increase the speed and quality of the healing process, and decrease swelling without drugs. 

Helpful Information


 Various topics of interest to pet owners.